Was zählt, um voranzukommen? Eine Studie von Dr. Christina Bauer deutet an: Bildungsaufsteiger glauben seltener an ihr Talent - selbst wenn sie genauso gut sind wie ihre Kommilitonen. 

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 News from our research group

Yesterday, our master students presented their ongoing projects in a poster session. It was great to see students’ enthusiasm about their work and the fruitful discussions of results and plans for future research. Exiting to see so many different projects happening!

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Bei all den aktuellen Krisen auf der Welt ist es nicht einfach, optimistisch zu bleiben. Science Talk mit Prof. Veronika Job.

Hier geht es zur Nachlese des Science Talk BMBWF - Wie uns Wissenschaft und Forschung dabei helfen können

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Many people believe willpower is fixed and finite. Yet powerful strategies exist that can help us increase it.

An article with Prof. Veronika Job.

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"How we value effort is determined by what we experience in everyday life. We have this whole learning history in schools and work that tends to reward outcomes and achievements more than the effort we put in."

Prof. Veronika Job in an interview about the value of cognitive effort.

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